Design Services

Embedded Access is a team of Embedded Software Experts.

Let us help you make your product a success.

What differentiates your products from your competitors’ products? In all likelihood it’s the features offered in your application software, not the underlying platform that your application happens to run on.

Given that, why would you want your developers taking the time working on components that aren’t adding to your key differentiators? Doing so can mean that key features for your product are rushed or not fully operational. While not key to the uniqueness of your product, the underlying embedded software platform is key to delivering your product on time. Why not let embedded software experts handle this part of your application?

Embedded Access Design Services leverage our special combination of skills, knowledge, products, flexible resources, design process, and project management to help you achieve the success for your product. If your team is challenged by product specification, board bring-up, software component integration, project management, or full product realization, or simply doesn’t have the resources for all of these activities, we offer expertise to help you reach production on time and on budget. Our engineers are dedicated to helping Embedded Access customers optimize their embedded software development process, from jump-starting your development team on Embedded Access products to isolating and overcoming serious project obstacles.

Design ServicesUsing an embedded software specialist to work on supporting components of your embedded system can shorten your development cycle, reduce risk, and reduce costs. Our Embedded Software Consultants can help you integrate the low level elements of your embedded platform allowing your engineering team to focus on key application features. We offer Embedded Software Services such as:

  • Board Support Package (BSP) Development
  • Device Driver Development
  • Boot Loader Development
  • Communication Protocol Development
  • Embedded Systems Integration
  • Custom Development Work
  • Product Cost Reduction Services
  • Embedded Access Product Training
  • Installation and Quick Start Programs
  • Performance Optimization Services
  • 3rd Party Software Integration Services
  • New Architecture Support
  • Product and Platform Customization
  • Testing and Quality Assurance Services

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Installation and Quick Start Programs

Once you have decided to purchase Embedded Access software you can start to take advantage of our software services. We can help you jump-start your embedded software project by coming on-site and helping you install and ramp-up quickly on the exciting new software you have purchased. Embedded Access offers one or two day installation and orientation sessions. These programs provide an experienced engineer from Embedded Access who comes to your office, installs the new software, and helps your team get up to speed on the components of the platform. Our Installation and Quick Start Programs can ensure that you are productive as quickly as possible and lend you some of our expertise to ensure that you get started on the right footing. A good start at the beginning of a project saves a great deal of time later in the development process.

Every Embedded Access Quick Start Program is tailored to the specific needs of each customer. Typically a quick start program will involve one of our engineers helping you to:

  • Install your Embedded Access products
  • Conduct basic tutorial on the CodeWarrior development tools
  • Bring up hardware development boards with the CodeWarrior tools and Embedded Access run-time software
  • Help you run the example applications provided with the Embedded Access software
  • Discuss the embedded software design for your project and help plan utilization of the Embedded Access software
  • Give your engineers the training and support they need to be productive right away
  • Often the engineer that visits your team on-site will continue to be your support contact within Embedded Access

Technical Support

When faced with a tight deadline, even a seasoned developer can use some help. Embedded Access provides you with the piece of mind that your developers will have our support team at their disposal when they need it most. Whether your team is having problems with device drivers, board support packages, memory leaks, getting the target hardware to run, debugging, or QA, the Embedded Access support engineers are available and capable of helping you through it. They understand the pressures you face, they have been there themselves, and they the skills to investigate, address and solve any problem your team may have.

Bringing Embedded Device Products to Market

Sometimes customers need more than software products to bring a embedded device to market. They may also need additional software skills, experience, and staff to turn ideas into reality. Embedded Access can help you bring your product to market in a timely and cost-effective way. We have highly experienced embedded software engineers to help you build the best embedded devices. Embedded Access can work directly with your own engineering team to ensure your product is delivered on time, on spec and on budget. Our customers recognize that parts of their projects, such hardware integration, board support packages and drivers are better left to a talented team of trusted embedded software engineers while they focus on the features specific to the success of the products.

Product Development

Often, engineering teams are overloaded with work, dealing with changing requirements and subject to inflexible product delivery schedules. The Embedded Access Design Services team can supplement your engineering resources to help achieve these seemingly impossible goals. We have the skills, tools and technology to take on part of your project that is a bottleneck of your schedule or for which you have no resources to assign. Alternatively, Embedded Access can take an entire product from concept to the marketplace. In either case, Embedded Access can help you deliver a best-in-class product product on time and within budget.

Board Support Packages

BoardsEmbedded devices involve software that is closely integrated with hardware. Developing a Board Support Package (BSP) requires that you to understand the hardware features of the chip and board, the data flow, interrupt and memory maps, and, in most cases, the microprocessor registers and bit setting. A completed BSP will initialize the hardware and provides function calls that enable higher layers of software to communicate with low-level system drivers. Problems with device drivers and the BSP can impact the functionality and performance of the entire device.

The board support package experts at Embedded Access can help you create a solid software foundation for your application. We are experts in writing BSPs for ColdFire and Power Architecture platforms. Let our extensive knowledge base benefit your development team. While your engineers spend their time on the features of your product that count the most, Embedded Access can create a customized BSP and software platform as a foundation for your product.

Platform and Product Customization

Embedded Access software platforms are designed to accelerate embedded device development projects by providing pre-integrated technology. However, if customers need to go beyond the software infracture that is provided by integrating third party software, their own legacy software, add additional features of extensions then Embedded Access can help with this as well. We customize our embedded software platforms to help you build your product. Our platforms provide pre-integrated technology. Not only can Embedded Access help you design and implement the necessary additions and modifications to our platform technology but we also have the know-how to integrate the modfications with the other components of the platform to ensure the existing functionality is unaffected.